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The Mission of CCC is to exceed our client's recovery expectations, while maintaining professional and respectful interactions with your debtors.


CCC is a full service collection agency, that has been serving Central Pennsylvania and beyond since 1979.

We have a staff of trained professionals that are dedicated to a team approach toward achieving our mission.

We employ the latest in technology to assure accuracy and efficiency in our operation.

While our primary focus is collecting for the Healthcare industry, we have many clients outside of that arena.

Why are we different?

We pride ourselves in rural areas and have a very good track record.  We do everything we can to make personal contact with your debtors.  

We do not use automated messages, automated dialers and we personally answer calls coming into our office, reducing the missed call backs from debtors.

This helps us in being very successful in working with your debtors and we understand the situations of many individuals and understand the best ways to work with them.

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